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Operations and Maintenance

trinity-operations-and-maintenanceTRILITY works in collaboration with clients to manage, maintain and operate water and wastewater services to urban and regional customers. Our clients are planning for the community’s future demands and expect reliable, sustainable and efficient water, wastewater and reuse water solutions delivered across networks. Our capability includes utility services, laboratory testing, billing and customer service. Our expertise flows from being the operator of water treatment plants around Australia and delivering an in-house expertise that offers low cost solutions that ensures clients’ needs are met.

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Water Quality

TRILITY’s water quality and process support team are a dedicated group of professionals providing a broad range of services to our clients and the communities in which we operate. Our expertise encompasses SMART water services, leadership on source water management, compliance to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and environmental standards.

Asset Management

trility-asset-managementTRILITY’s systems and procedures are in use on our operational projects every day, meaning they can be applied rapidly to a client’s situation and produce results in short timeframes. We understand that value can be created from scale. Bigger water infrastructure assets and larger markets generate better returns. Controlling multiple assets saves money and valuable resources. Owning a diverse set of assets spreads risk, but scale alone is not the whole story. Success in the water industry means integrated know-how and a ‘one-company’ mindset that can overcome the challenges of complexity and distance.

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survThrough SURV, TRILITY is proud to offer, under licence, an integrated ultrasonic seized valve release, valve condition assessment, torque measurement and maintenance service in Australia. In addition to valve release services, SURV offers specialist valve maintenance including ‘Valve PAK™’ a method of replacing valve packing without the need for isolation and lubrication of valve stem to aid movement.

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Design and Construct

trility-design-and-constructTRILITY offers the full spectrum of multidisciplinary Design and Construct (D&C) services for water and wastewater treatment in the municipal, resource, energy, industrial and environmental sectors. As a water constructor that owns and operates many assets, we provide more than construction expertise. We have in-house detailed design engineers covering all mechanical, process, electrical and Instrumentation Control and Automation (ICA) disciplines, construction managers and commissioning resources, allowing us to both incorporate lessons learned on previous projects and build on evolving ideas on how to deliver efficiencies across new projects.

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TRILITY’s experience financing water projects across Australia and access to competitive finance options provide our clients with optimum arrangements for their projects. Our experience extends across smaller projects, such as the Berri Barmera Reuse Scheme in South Australia, to the Onkaparinga Wastewater Treatment Plant, also in South Australia, and the scale of Western Australia’s first public private partnership (PPP) at Mundaring, where the Company has financed the construction of a major water treatment plant. Irrespective of a project’s size and scope, TRILITY forms best-for-project teams well in advance of project start-up to provide private finance solutions that meet the financial and business objectives of our clients and the delivery expectations of local communities.

Latest news

Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BEWG”), are pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of the TRILITY Group.

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