Vision and values

An Australian and New Zealand company committed to being a ‘provider of choice’ in the delivery of water, wastewater water services


TRILITY is committed to being the ‘provider of choice’ when it comes to water, wastewater and reuse water services.

Our vision

To be the leader in solutions for the full suite of utility services associated with:

  • The delivery of water to customers; and
  • The treatment and recycling of wastewater 

Our values


We act with integrity by combining profitability with social responsibility.
We strive to achieve best practice, while treating responsibility as a creative opportunity.


We are progressive in our thinking as we balance desirability, with technical feasibility, and economic viability.


Instead of seeing TRILITY’s primary objective as production, we explore the potential of participation through a lasting commitment with our key stakeholders. The shift of a passive relationship between TRILITY, client and consumer to the active engagement of everyone with experiences that are meaningful, productive and profitable.

Latest news

Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BEWG”), are pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of the TRILITY Group.

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