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TRILITY actively supports its employees to pursue academic or training endeavours


TRILITY actively supports its employees to pursue academic or training endeavours. The Company’s culture is built around finding solutions for clients which contribute to a better quality of life for their stakeholders. This means that investigation and analysis are part of everything we do every day. It follows that we support any external education that improves the quality of our employees’ skills and expertise in areas related to our business. This attitude attracts innovative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are dedicated to supporting and retaining valued employees.

Staff testimonials

My career began 8 years ago with TRILITY in a Graduate Engineer role. Working in operations through out that time has gave me the opportunity to work at plants across the country expanding my skill set and knowledge whilst tackling different problems. TRILITY values it’s people and have supported my continual development which led to my current role as Operations Manager. This is a challenging but rewarding position, thanks to the support and knowledge of the TRILITY team around me. TRILITY encourage active involvement within the water industry which has given me opportunity to further expand my knowledge and network through involvement with the Australian Water Association and WaterAid.

Nicole Hughes, Operations Manager
Fleurieu Region


TRILITY has proven time and time again that their best asset is their employees. One example of this is the setting of a companywide KPI to ensure all staff achieve their mandatory training requirements. This is the first company I have known to operate with such a staff focused agenda.

Through TRILITY’s internal comprehensive training system I have undertaken a number of mandatory Health and Safety related courses to ensure both my own safety and the safety of my colleagues. TRILITY provides me numerous opportunities to visit our existing sites and have mentoring sessions with senior management and experienced operations staff on all aspects of our water and wastewater treatment plants. These visits and mentoring sessions allow me to have discussions on many topics; including lessons learnt post construction phase, positive outcomes and achievements, and any issues that may arise when operating the sites. This increased knowledge enhances my skill set, and greatly assists when designing and optioneering.

As part of my personal and professional development, my line manager identified a number of externally run courses to undertake. TRILITY provides assistance with funding, study leave and internal technical support. This has allowed me to successfully complete an advanced Diploma in Plant Engineering. The company also provides the opportunity to attend a number of industry related courses such as IWES courses and events, technical presentations by AWA and other industry networking events.

Senior CAD Technician

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