Water quality audits

  • Internal audit

    Meeting regulatory compliance requirements is critical in providing the base level of water standards in Australia. We tailor our audits to provide not only levels of compliance, but also pragmatic opportunities for improvement. Our dedicated and experienced team conduct internal audits of your Water Quality Management System which includes:

    • Drinking water quality audit
    • Recycled water quality audit
    • Water quality management system audit
    • Process efficiency and improvement
    • Process modelling and assessment
  • Regulatory compliance

    Compliance with state legislation, regulations, and guidelines

    Compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)

    Compliance with Australian Guidelines for Recycled Water (AGRW)

  • The benefits of undertaking an internal audit

    Internal audits provide assurance upwards to internal stakeholders including Senior Management that the organisation has prepared appropriately to pass a regulatory audit, and that all potential encumbrances to meeting audit requirements have been identified and addressed.

    The benefits of undertaking an internal audit include:

    • Assessing compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice
    • Identifying key improvements and gaps
    • Better managing risks, reducing replication, and improving efficiency
    • Strengthening internal practices and quality control measures
    • Enhancing confidence of stakeholders, including management, customers and regulators
    • Demonstrating a culture of continuous improvement, and
    • Preparing for regulatory audits