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Absorption column

Designed to absorb any released chlorine gas

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    Absorption column

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    The Hydra-Vent absorption column absorbs any released chlorine gas. All vacuum regulators/chlorine gas systems include a safety vent facility to relieve gas if the system pressure rises above atmospheric. These releases may occur due to a minor fault or routine operations.

    By terminating vent lines to the Hydra-Vent absorption column any atmospheric release of chlorine gas in standard chlorine systems will be alleviated under normal operating conditions for up to 12 months.

    The absorption capacity of the Hydra-Vent is 0.6kg of chlorine gas.


  • Features
    • Improved safety by optimum location of vent line termination
    • Reduced surface corrosion in the vicinity of vent termination
    • Can be installed in the chlorine room providing the most secure termination point
    • A chlorine leak detector sensor located adjacent to the absorption column will provide an alarm in the event of media saturation


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