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Chlorine gas leak detector

Chlorine gas detector with auto-test to AS2927

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    Chlorine gas leak detector

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    Our chlorine gas leak detector is a flexible and reliable, self-testing gas detector in a compact modular design. The chlorine gas leak detector system includes an audible horn, individual receiver modules, a power supply unit and battery back-up. The system is pre-wired and tested for ease of installation. Sensor transmitters should be located in areas where chlorine gas leakage or build-up may occur. These sensors provide the basic measurement for the chlorine gas detector system.

    Auto-test gas generators automatically generate a small concentration of chlorine gas every 24 hours to verify sensor operation. Should the sensor not respond to the test, the trouble alarm on the receiver is activated.

    AS2927: 2001 The storage & handling of liquefied chlorine gas Leak detectors shall be installed where chlorine is stored in tanks or where liquid chlorine is withdrawn from containers*

    * Hydramet Pty Ltd – Reproduced under copyright Licence number 1812-c099-2

  • Features
    • All gas detector systems supplied pre-wired and tested for ease of installation
    • Compact system suitable for one to six sensors each with individual receivers
    • Four digit LED display indicates chlorine gas concentration directly in PPM
    • Auto-test feature ensures the sensor is regularly tested
    • Battery back-up included
    • Isolated 4-20mA output for use in recording, data logging or computer input
    • Two alarm setpoints for warning personnel of different levels of leakage
    • Three alarm relays for external alarming if required
    • Trouble alarm and relays for sensor fault indication
    • Economical and low maintenance
  • Service description

    Major & minor – Yearly major service with 6 monthly minor service recommended

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