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Diaphragm pump – DMX

DMX mechanical diaphragm pumps offer accurate dosing with minimum maintenance

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Diaphragm pump – DMX

  • Brand
  • Description

    Grundfos pumps DMX range is highly versatile because it covers a wide flow range and offers a variety of dosing head sizes, materials and accessories.

    DMX mechanical diaphragm pumps offer accurate dosing with minimum maintenance.

    Accurate dosing – all the time

    The diaphragm design ensures that the dosing flow variation is below ± 1.5 % and the linearity deviation is kept below 4 % at all times. This allows very precise dosing of your chemicals

    Smooth and low-pulsation dosing

    Grundfos pumps DMX series ensures smooth and low-pulsation dosing without pressure peaks. This means less stress to all system components and therefore longer service intervals for the entire system.

    • Double head versions (DMX 226)
  • Features
    • Turn-down ratio 20:1
    • Control by manual stroke length adjustment
  • Applications

    Disinfection, coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, etc. in:

    • Drinking water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Pulp and paper industry
    • Textile industry
    • Cleaning water treatment
    • Food and beverage industry, dairies
    • Cooling tower water treatment
    • Low-pressure boiler feed water treatment
  • Service description

    Major – 12 months subject to operating conditions

  • DescriptionPart no. Three phasePart no. Single phase
    DMX 221 with PVC dosing head, PTFE gaskets, glass ball valves
    DMX 8-10 max. flow: 8l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96692492H96717020
    DMX 14-10 max. flow: 14l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96692469H96683645
    DMX 26-10 max. flow: 26l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96715660H96715759
    DMX 35-10 max. flow: 35l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96692485H96684056
    DMX 50-10 max. flow: 50l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96692489H96684244
    DMX 75-4 nax. flow: 75l/h, max. pressure: 4 bar H96652050H96684474
    DMX 115-3 max. flow: 115l/h, max. pressure: 3 bar H96611663H96683504
    DMX 226L with PVC dosing head, FKM gaskets, glass ball valves
    DMX 67-10 max. flow: 67l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96686029
    DMX 132-10 max. flow: 132l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96653457
    DMX 199-10 max. flow: 199l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar H96690322
    DMX 280-8 max. flow: 280l/h, max. pressure: 8 bar H96653084
    DMX 321-6 max. flow: 321l/h, max. pressure: 6 bar H96607455
    DMX 460-6 max. flow: 460l/h, max. pressure: 6 bar H96656708
    DMX 525-3 max. flow: 525l/h, max. pressure: 3 bar H96699830
    DMX 765-3 max. flow: 765l/h, max. pressure: 3 bar H96720540