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Glass calibration column

Glass calibration cylinders for metering pump calibration

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Glass calibration column

  • Brand
  • Description

    Glass calibration column (or cylinders) are ideal for the accurate calibration of metering pumps, batch systems and for handling hazardous chemicals.

    • Volumes calibrated in mL & US Gallon
    • Sealing o’rings are Viton or Buna-N
    • Outer shield of acrylic
    • Port connections in NPT, metric or flanged


    TFE, PVDF and CPVC End Flanges:
    Glass calibration cylinder with acrylic outer shield and ¾” thick

    316 S/S End Flanges:
    Glass calibration cylinder with acrylic outer shield and ½” thick

  • Applications
    • Metering pump calibration
    • Batch systems
    • Handling hazardous chemicals
  • SizeNTP connsTFE flange part no.316SS flange part no.PVDF flange part no.CPVC flange part no.
    100ml 1/2"ACS2-100-GTV ACS2-100-GSV ACS2-100-GKV ACS2-100-GCV
    250ml 1/2"ACS2-250-GTV ACS2-250-GSV ACS2-250-GKV ACS2-250-GCV
    500ml1/2"ACS2-500-GTV ACS2-500-GSV ACS2-500-GKV ACS2-500-GCV
    1000ml 1/2"ACS2-1000-GTV ACS2-1000-GSV ACS2-1000-GKV ACS2-1000-GCV
    2000ml 1"ACS2-2000-GTV ACS2-2000-GSV ACS2-2000-GKV ACS2-2000-GCV
    4000ml 1"ACS2-4000-GTV ACS2-4000-GSV ACS2-4000-GKV ACS2-4000-GCV
    6000ml 2"ACS2-6000-GTV ACS2-6000-GSV ACS2-6000-GKV ACS2-6000-GCV
    8000ml 2"ACS2-8000-GTV ACS2-8000-GSV ACS2-8000-GKV ACS2-8000-GCV
    10,000ml 2"ACS2-10000-GTV ACS2-10000-GSV ACS2-10000-GKV ACS2-10000-GCV
    20,000ml 2"ACS2-20000-GTV ACS2-20000-GSV ACS2-20000-GKV ACS2-20000-GCV