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OSEC LC plus 12

Low capacity brine-based hypochlorite generator, 12kg per day

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    OSEC LC plus 12

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    The OSEC-LC Series Systems are offered in either modular or skid configuration (OSEC- LC Plus) to suit any site requirements. As the OSEC-LC system provides for the continuous production of sodium hypochlorite solution, this eliminates dependence on commercial chlorine suppliers and the problems inherent in the transport and storage of bulk hypochlorite, particularly to remote or residential locations. In addition, use of these systems could lower operating costs and disinfection by-products significantly compared to the use of bulk hypochlorite. Operation is completely automatic, making the OSEC-LC systems ideally suited for remote or unmanned locations.

  • Features
    • ATEX compliant in a single package, providing increased safety
    • 0.8% available chlorine solution produced, minimising COSHH requirements
    • Low cost of operation and ownership with small footprint, minimising space required
    • 5 Year parts and labour anode warranty
    • Float, flow & air switch interlocks providing increased safety
    • In-house electrolyser anode manufacture ensuring continuity of spares/parts