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Ball valve, 546 pro

Ball valve type 546 with solvent sockets, inserts and lockable handle

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Ball valve, 546 pro

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  • Description

    The PVC ball valve Type 546 Pro utilises standard industrial thermoplastic pvc ball valve features such as design stem break point and a reverse threaded seat carrier while incorporating new features such as a trackable laser engraved data matrix and a unique lockable handle design.

    The ball valve type 546 has been engineered to perfection from top to bottom, including the lever:

    • Integrated tool for the union bush
    • Plastics-oriented buttress thread
    • An index plate fixes the lever in the open and closed positions
    • The lever is lockable, so its position cannot be changed afterwards
    • The lever is made of rugged PPGF (polypropylene, fibreglass-reinforced)
    • The ball has a glassy surface, guaranteeing 100% leak tightness in the passage
    • High dynamic backing seal
    • Two enlarged stem seals
    • Integrated fastening system
  • Features
    • PTFE ball seals
    • Easy installation and removal
    • With mounting inserts
  • Applications
    • Measurement and control
    • Water treatment
    • Chemical processing
    • Food and beverage
    • Marine
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  • DN (mm)DN (inch)UPVC part no. EPDM seals inch BS
    10mm3/8"H161 546 241
    15mm1/2"H161 546 242
    20mm3/4"H161 546 243
    25mm1"H161 546 244
    32mm1 1/4"H161 546 245
    40mm1 1/2"H161 546 246
    50mm2"H161 546 247
    80mm3"H161 546 249
    100mm4"H161 546 250