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Selcoperm SES10000

Electrochlorination system for the safe and simple production of sodium hypochlorite solution up to 10,000g/hr

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    Selcoperm SES10000

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    The Selcoperm electrochlorination system is a modular system for the safe production of a 0.8 % sodium hypochlorite solution from a diluted brine solution. The Selcoperm electrochlorination unit is the core piece of the Selcoperm system. It comprises the electrolysis cells, hydraulic connections and a control cabinet with a 7″ multi-colour touchscreen for operating and monitoring of the whole electrolysis system. Selcoperm systems produce sodium hypochlorite electrolytically, directly from a solution of common salt using electricity. On-site production of the disinfectant solution means maximum safety at minimum costs.

  • Features

    Safe and reliable method of producing sodium hypochlorite on-site

    • Common salt is the base material – it is non-toxic, easy to store and easy to handle
    • Only water, common salt, and electricity are needed for the electrolysis – low operating costs, worldwide use
    • Fresh sodium hypochlorite is always on hand and does not dissociate like commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions
    • Low formation of chlorate as a by-product
    • Less safety requirements than chlorine-gas-based systems
    • Lower pH value than commercial sodium hypochlorite reduces scaling of injection units etc. in hard water areas
    • Robust design for easy installation and maintenance
    • Long service life, compared with membrane cell electrolysis
  • Applications

    Typical disinfection applications for Selcoperm systems are especially in

    • drinking water treatment
    • water treatment for industrial processes and cooling towers