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SFC SC controller

Signal conditioning for flow proportional controlled dosing of chemicals

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    SFC SC controller

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    The Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) SFC SC controller system is used for flow proportional controlled dosing of chemicals. The controller is ideal for use in water treatment and similar industrial process applications. It can control automatic v-notch positioners in gas feed systems, such as the V10k™ and V2000™ systems.  Automatic stroke length positioners and variable speed drives in dosing pump systems can also be controlled using the SFC controller. The SFC SC system is available either as a standalone wall-mounted unit, equipment-mounted, or as a panel-mountable unit for installation in a control enclosure.

  • Features
    • Determines the control signal for the positioner/dosing pump from the control variable and the dosing factor
    • Sets the position of the positioner accurately using a feedback signal
    • Automatic correction in the event of nonlinearity of the gas feeder
    • Wide dosage range: 10 – 400 %
    • Electronic override
    • Milliamp or relay output control signals
    • Security access
    • Easy to operate thanks to intuitive menu navigation
    • Diagnostics menu to simplify maintenance and installation
    • Automatic display of any faults
    • Multiple correction values can be used for linearization of the dosing feedback
    • Graphical display of all parameters and process variables
  • Applications
    • Potable water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Cooling water circuits
    • Industrial and process water treatment
    • Swimming pools
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