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Solo G2 indicator – one channel

Digital weight indicator by Force Flow

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    Solo G2 indicator – one channel

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    The Solo G2 chemical scales digital indicator provides a simple and economical way to measure chemical usage and inventory.

    The Solo G2 digital indicator by Force Flow incorporates many new features including a keypad, 0-100% bar graph display and a diagnostics menu. The diagnostics menu allows the user to calibrate the indicator without the hassle of test weights. All set point, 4-20mA, bar graph and filtering values are now easily entered using the keypad so adjusting DIP switches is s thing of the past.

    During tank change, tare weight can be entered via the keypad to arrive at the correct net (chemical) weight or, if the net weight is known, you can simply enter it directly. Either way the menu driven display prompts the user through this easy process. For maximum durability the Force Flow Solo G2 chemical scales is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure which offer superior protection against harsh environments such as chemical rooms and outdoor installations

  • Features
    • Simple operation, economical price
    • Includes 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring
    • Single or dual channel
    • Display reads down to 0.1kg increments
    • Backlit LCD display with dual lines and 16 characters per line
    • NEMA 4X, UL listed structural foam moulded enclosure