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Wizard indicator

Advanced digital weight indicator by Force Flow

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    Wizard indicator

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    It’s not just a scale, it’s an enire chemical inventory management system The Wizard 4000 chemical scales by Force Flow is an extremely powerful chemical inventory management system for monitoring chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, fluosilicic acid and all other chemicals used in water treatment. The Wizard 4000 chemical scales can be used with most electronic load cell based weighing systems.

    Chemical inventory management
    Because the Wizard 4000+ has up to four separate channels, it can be used to simultaneously monitor levels in up to four separate tanks. This provides the ability to monitor each tank independently as well as get the combined totals for all the tanks. The “Daily Usage” data and logging function allows for easy record keeping and a “Days Until Empty” function makes it simple to anticipate tank refilling and chemical reorder points.

    Chemical flow meter
    A “Feed Rate” function allows the operator to monitor chemical feed rates, which can be alarmed or transmitted via a 4-20 ma signal. This important feature allows early warning of dangerously low or high feed rate conditions and therefore prevents hazardous under or overdosing of chemicals to the process.

    Liquid level/Pump controller
    The Wizard chemical scales provides up to four set points, each triggering dry or solid-state relays. These relays can be programmed for high or low level alarms, automating chemical transfer from bulk to day tanks or diluting chemicals down from their full strength. These features prevent the hazards of running out of chemicals or accidental overfilling of tanks.

  • Features
    • Multi function display including:
      • Net weight remaining
      • Daily usage
      • Amount used  running total
      • Feed rate  current chemical feed rate in kg/hr
      • Days until empty at current feed rate
      • Tare weight
      • Gross weight
      • Percent full  tank percentage
    • Flexible software allows the user to monitor chemicals in LBs, KGs, Gallons, Litres or % of full
    • Up to four 4-20mA outputs
    • Up to four solid state or dry contact relays
    • Dual Line display with 16 characters per line, alphanumeric with backlighting
    • Display reads down to 0.1kg increments
    • IP56 structural foam moulded enclosure