Campaspe Water Reclamation Scheme


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TRILITY operates the Campaspe Water Reclamation Scheme, a sustainable reuse scheme providing benefits to local industry. Campaspe Water Reclamation Scheme (CWRS) is one of the first projects in Victoria to treat 100 percent of wastewater generated by a community, the towns of Echuca and Rochester, to supplement existing irrigation on privately owned farms, resulting in an environmentally sustainable outcome being achieved.


Project name Campaspe Water Reclamation Scheme
ClientETE Coliban Pty Ltd
Type of contractBuild, Own, Operate, Transfer
TechnologyUp-flow Anaerobic Sequencing Batch aerobic treatment in intermittently decanted extended aeration tanks, dual media filtration, and gaseous chlorine disinfection.
Design capacityEchuca 8 MLD Rochester 0.8MLD
FacilitiesReuse Wastewater Treatment Plants
Project term25 years
Capital costN/A
Project typeWastewater Management
* approximate

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