Case Study one

  • Case study one

    SURV worked with South East Water engineers overnight to release five seized water network valves.

    The large-diameter valves were situated at major road intersections in three locations in Melbourne’s South East and required significant traffic management to facilitate access.
    The SURV team was able to release each of the five valves and return them to a fully operational state.

    Had the operations been unsuccessful, South East Water would have had to explore options for replacement or major refurbishment of the assets, which would require substantial planning and create significant disruption to customers and road users. The estimated replacement cost of all five valves would be more than $500,000.

    The SURV valve operations were completed ahead of schedule. South East Water experienced no consequential network or water quality issues and each valve is now safe to operate manually.

    $500,000 potential savings. 100% success rate.

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