Services – Seized valve release and valve exercise

SURV is revolutionizing the way water utilities approach preventative maintenance of their networks and pipe systems. SURV is the safest and most reliable method of releasing seized and hard to operate valves.

Using SURV, water companies can undertake regular preventative maintenance to maintain their networks and pipe systems with confidence that the job will be done efficiently, safely and with minimal risk of supply downtime or damage.

Why choose SURV?

  • Every valve is released, overseen and inspected by an industry expert
  • Valve preventative maintenance maintains the integrity of networks and pipe systems, reducing expensive, reputation damaging events
  • We have a proven track-record of efficient and safe exercising of valves
  • Our valve release service outperforms any other solution on the market
  • Our process releases valves of any age, size or level of seizure
  • We have over 25 years valve management experience

No release – no fee

This service demonstrates the confidence SURV has in this technology. Providing that the valve has not already been irreversibly damaged by previous attempts to operate it and if SURV cannot release it, only mobilisation costs will be incurred.

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