Valve assessment

  • Valve assessment

    Problems associated with operating valves can cause a multitude of difficulties that are rarely apparent until there is a requirement for isolation. During main shutoff, if a valve does not operate as expected, often the only option is to identify the next valve upstream. This can increase the number of customers affected, the associated water supply issues and extend the event.

    In water and wastewater treatment plants and manufacturing facilities, if a valve does not operate there is often no alternative isolation option, significantly increasing the risk to operations. SURV’s valve diagnostics process confirms the asset status, providing valuable information to the plant operator. Greater than 15% of all valves assessed by SURV have been found to be in a different status than that assumed by the operator.

    SURV’s inspection programs also encompass other vital water distribution system assets including hydrants, meters, pipelines, and access points.

    SURV provides a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the operability of the asset including residual life, rehabilitation or repair.

    Valve status confirmation