Valve exercise

  • Valve exercise

    Regular valve exercise avoids potential network issues that interrupt supply, cost thousands and pose risk to business reputation.

    Implementing a valve maintenance program that confirms the status and exercises valves is one of the best ways for water companies to avoid major issues or events such as burst mains and supply interruptions. In the first 24 months of operation, SURV clients have made potential savings of over $2m compare with the cost of replacing valves with a new ones.

    SURV provides a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service, that quantifies the operational risk of valve exercise. The service includes periodic actuation to maintain the asset in an appropriate working condition, whilst also recording data to ascertain any deterioration of critical valves.

    The PPM provides a comprehensive asset condition assessment. It provides the asset owner with a torque curve as evidence of valve operation. The overall benefits can be substantial, providing the asset owner with validated data for effective asset management of any valve associated with pipe infrastructure.

    Valve PAK™

    Valve PAK™ is an under pressure injection repair procedure that negates the need for valve isolation. The injection procedure is enabled by drilling an insertion port in to the valve ‘stuffing box’ area, installing a custom made fitting and injecting packing material to seal the ‘stuffing box’. The packing material is a specialised repair composite that consists of inert fibres and lubricant to aid the injection process. This material is approved for use in potable water systems.

    Our specialist Valve PAK™ system and sealant system is fully approved for use in potable drinking water.

    Injected under pressure the approved compound seals leaks that otherwise need repair through the dismantling of a valve.

    The system has proven very successful with a range of utility customers and fire main operators and is applied by experienced valve technicians. It has been used on waste water networks, drinking water networks and high pressure pumping mains.

    Valve lubrication

    SURV offers a valve lubrication service, which is recommended for all valves which have proved difficult to release. A standard food grade oil, which has approval for use in contact with water for human consumption, is used as the lubricant.

    In-situ valve repairs

    Using a combination of ultrasonic resonance frequency and controlled torque SURV is able to release seized and stiff valves and return those assets to a good working condition.

    Over $2m potential savings