Valve release

  • Valve release

    SURV works collaboratively with your operations team to understand your process, network or pipe system. We develop and implement a programme of regular preventative maintenance to help you avoid major costly, disruptive and potentially reputationally damaging events.

    SURV employs the only ultrasonic valve release technology in Australia and New Zealand

    Most valves seize up as a result of not being used. Over time, residues form inside the valve which block movement. SURV uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up these particles and restore the valve to normal working order, with a 98% success rate. As part of the standard SURV process a detailed report will be provided for all released valves.

    Seized valves can sometimes be released by subjecting the internal components to high levels of impact and torque. However, this option does not provide a safe and controlled process. Applying excessive force, beyond the tensile strength of the manufactured materials can often result in catastrophic failure of the asset.

    98% success rate