Chlorine maintenance

chlorine maintenance training
  • Description

    “All personnel directly involved in the operation and maintenance of chlorine systems shall be properly trained” according to Australian Standard AS2927:2001 The Storage & Handling of Liquefied Chlorine Gas

    TRILITY’s chlorine maintenance training course is a bespoke programme tailored to suit the operating philosophies, capacity and manufacture of equipment used on site. It is designed for personnel involved with maintaining chlorine equipment and includes recognising when maintenance is required and understanding the relevant content of AS2927.

    * Hydramet Pty Ltd - Reproduced under copyright Licence number 1812-c099-2
  • Details


    • Performing routine performance checks
    • Chlorination system overview & components
    • Best practices of chlorination system design
    • Servicing key system components
    • System shutdown and start-up procedures
    • Perform basic preventative maintenance on:
    Chlorinators V-notch gas control units
    Chlorine analysers Vacuum regulators
    Evaporators Automatic shutdown systems
    Rotameters Chlorine gas leak detectors
    Injectors Chlorine absorption system
    Controllers Pressure relief systems
    Chlorine gas scrubbers Vacuum switch


    The above list of components covered in the training programme is tailored to suit the capacity and manufacture of the equipment on site