Operate and control liquefied chlorine gas

chlorine training
  • Description

    “All personnel who are directly involved in the operation and maintenance of chlorination systems shall be properly trained”according to the Australian Standard AS2927: 2001: The Storage and Handling of Liquefied Chlorine Gas.*

    For those who do not need a nationally recognised qualification, TRILITY offers the Operate and Control Liquefied Chlorine Gas Disinfection course without the pre and post requisite requirements.

    The course is designed for operators with a specific responsibility for disconnecting and connecting liquefied chlorine gas containers. The course covers the skills required to monitor and operate liquefied chlorine gas disinfection systems and report on process quality control, whilst working safely.

    * Hydramet Pty Ltd - Reproduced under copyright Licence number 1812-c099-2
  • Details

    Duration: 1 day.

    Certification: A certificate of completion is issued by TRILITY upon successful completion of the course.

    Prerequisites: None

    Requisites: None

    Public course dates:

    Wednesday 19 February 2020
    Wednesday 13 May 2020

    Central Coast:
    Wednesday 3 June 2020

    Gold Coast:
    Thursday 6 February 2020
    Wednesday 6 May 2020

    Wednesday 26 February 2020
    Wednesday 27 May 2020

    Wednesday 12 February 2020
    Wednesday 20 May 2020