Sodium hypochlorite

sodium hypochlorite training
  • Description

    “All personnel handling the corrosive substances shall be made fully conversant with:

    a) the means of identifying the corrosive substances and it’s properties by reference to the relevant material safety data sheet

    b) applicable safety regulations and safe-handling procedures” according to Australian Standard AS3780:2008 The Storage and Handling of Corrosive Substances*


    * Hydramet Pty Ltd - Reproduced under copyright Licence number 1812-c099-2
  • Details

    This course is designed for personnel who work with sodium hypochlorite to understand the issues of storage and handling sodium hypochlorite, the health effects and treatment if exposed to sodium hypochlorite and what to do in an emergency.

    The experience and background of the presenters ensures that the training is directly relevant to all participants. TRILITY holds public courses in Adelaide or if you have several people to be trained we can provide training on-site.