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On-site electrochlorination OSEC® LC plus

Low capacity brine-based electrochlorinator

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    On-site electrochlorination OSEC® LC plus

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    The on-site electrochlorination, OSEC®-LC electrolytic system produces sodium hypochlorite onsite and on-demand, at a cost significantly lower than purchased hypochlorite. The system is a single skid, fully packaged system which produces sodium hypochlorite from brine (salt saturated water) by passing it through a DC current. The sodium hypochlorite solution produced is 0.8% available chlorine, which is not deemed to be a hazardous chemical.

    The continuous production of sodium hypochlorite solution on-site eliminates the problems inherent in the transport and storage of bulk hypochlorite.  In addition, the use of these systems could lower operating costs and disinfection by-products significantly compared to the use of bulk hypochlorite. Operation is completely automatic, making the OSEC®-LC systems ideally suited for remote or unmanned locations.

    The OSEC®-LC electrolytic systems are available in two sizes 6kg and 12kg per day chlorine output. It is primarily an on-demand based feed device, although an optional bulk tank can be provided. For larger capacities, view the OSEC B-Pak range

  • Features
    • ATEX compliant in a single package, providing increased safety
    • 0.8% available chlorine solution produced, minimising COSHH requirements
    • Low cost of operation and ownership with small footprint, minimising space required
    • 5 year parts and labour anode warranty
    • Float, flow and air switch interlocks providing increased safety
    • In-house electrolyser anode manufacture ensuring continuity of spares/parts
  • Applications
    • Potable water treatment suitable for unmanned locations
    • Industrial applications
  • Capacity (kg)Capacity (lbs)Part no.
    613OSEC LC PLUS 6
    1226OSEC LC PLUS 12