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SFC PC controller

Process controller for compound loop control with flow signal and process variables

Product specifications

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    SFC PC controller

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    The Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) SFC PC chlorination controller system provides accurate control of gas feed equipment, as well as chemical metering pumps. Easy operation, setup and calibration using intuitive menu navigation makes sophisticated control functions simple.

    The SFC PC process controller features a choice of four control modes:

    • Compound loop – the use of “fuzzy-logic” auto-tuning control technology adapts the controller action to provide a quick response with minimal deviation from the setpoint
    • Single feedback or direct residual – ideal for use in closed loop systems
    • Feed forward
    • Flow proportional
  • Features
    • Supports up to four control modes, including process optimised and adaptive control
    • Very precise control, preventing over or under feed
    • Adjustable measuring range and units
    • Easy to operate thanks to intuitive menu navigation and clear, easy to read display and diagnostics menu to simplify maintenance
    • Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs
  • Applications

    Compound loop control is ideal for disinfection control as well as the control of other chemical parameters in:

    • Potable water treatment plants
    • Cooling water circuits
    • Swimming pools
    • Wastewater treatment
    • All types of industrial/process water applications
  • DescriptionPart no.
    SFC PC - Compound loop/feedback/ratio controller AAD8050