TRILITY Training Services strengthens its relationship with the Queensland Water Directorate

26 Jan, 2024

TRILITY Training Services has been working to strengthen its relationship with the Queensland Water Directorate (QWD) and to better understand the training needs of operators in the Queensland region.

In response to the challenges that training in Queensland brings, and in consultation with Queensland Regional Water Alliance Program Chairs and Coordinators, the QWD has identified a strong need for online tools to help Water Service Providers to implement training for their staff at a local level.

TRILITY’s Adrian Blinman has offered considerable input in making the project a reality and worked closely with the QWD on their content, demonstrating TRILITY’s ongoing commitment and support to the water sector.

The aim of these on-line modules is to give Queensland Water Service Providers access to resources to undertake training of their staff using professionally developed, NWP aligned, training materials.

The materials are not meant to replace accredited training, which is still vitally important to the sector, but are intended to facilitate localised training until fully accredited NWP aligned training can be completed. For more information, see the post from the Queensland Water Directorate.

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