Be safe because you
want to, not have to

TRILITY takes the view that all injuries, incidents and accidents are preventable, which is why safety is at the heart of everything we do, through our systems, our culture and our commitment.

We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility which is why we continually strive to ensure we have a safety culture that ensures all levels of our workforce feel empowered to take the lead in their own safety and that of others.

Environmental notices

100% compliance

Compliance versus culture

TRILITY maintains a comprehensive suite of safety systems, tools and processes in an integrated management system which has been certified to AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 since 2003. However, whilst good systems provide the mechanism for workers to perform their jobs safely, they are only as good as the manner in which they’re applied.

The safety culture TRILITY is constantly striving for is one where workers implement those systems because they believe it will keep them safe rather than because they are told to. In other words, we want all workers to be safe because they want to, not because they have to.

To achieve this, TRILITY workers are involved in regular risk-based training, consultation sessions and positive safety related interactions. They are also given the flexibility and empowerment to assess the risk of each task and choose the right method for the job rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Community Responsibility

TRILITY is committed to improving the communities we serve. As a supplier of essential services, we understand the impact our facilities have on the communities where we operate. This means we are focused on ensuring our employees adhere to our corporate

values and commit to exemplary performance across all aspects of our footprint in the community. This runs across everything we do, from protecting the environment to supporting community organisations.

Today our combined services consist of:


  • Asset management
  • Innovation
  • Wastewater treatments
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment


  • Audits
  • Modular solutions
  • Network services
  • Project delivery
  • Servicing


  • Audits
  • Compliance
  • Data analytics & management
  • Environmental management
  • Water consultancy
  • Water quality plans


  • Nationally recognised training
  • NTA certificate courses
  • Non-NTA training courses


  • Chemical dosing
  • Components and instrumentation
  • Electrochlorination
  • Filtration
  • Gas chlorination
  • UV disinfection