Mobile pipeline disinfection
and testing services

TRILITY offers mobile disinfection services using ozone, calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite depending on the application and our customer’s needs. TRILITY can provide clients with options for dry or wet hire of mobile disinfection equipment, or can build trailer solutions for customers to purchase.

Ozone is an environmentally advantageous disinfection technology that cleans and provides a high level of disinfection while saving time and money compared to alternatives.


  • eliminates the dangerous handling of harmful chemicals
  • provides immediate results and reduces waiting time for clients, same day connections
  • requires no clean up or environmental management plans as water can be discharged directly without treatment

Cleans and disinfects

Proprietary technology clears and provides a higher level of disinfection than any other product on the market

Time saving

Same day connections

Cost saving

Savings of 50% or more compared to alternative options

TRILITY is NATA accredited and can also provide pressure testing of new watermains to complement our disinfection service.

How Ozone works

TRILITY uses a tool called Ozric, an innovative method for cleaning water mains using ozonated water scouring in a closed loop. The method has almost no water loss and effectively sanitises the pipe by achieving scouring velocities using ozonated water to remove sediment and biofilm.

Ozric combines ozonation, scouring, and media filtration in a closed-loop, resulting in the water main being completely sanitised with almost no water loss. In addition, Ozric can be mobilised extremely quickly, completely sanitising sections of water mains from all pathogens while having minimal water loss.


  • is cost-effective
  • not only cleans but sanitises and removes biofilm
  • extends periods between cleaning cycle requirements
  • has minimal to no water loss

Cost effective

Ozone is a cost-effective method of treating water since it is produced on demand and does not require transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals.

Real time data and performance

Water quality is proven using a digital monitoring station (DMS). TRILITY’s DMS tests for turbidity and Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), measurements are taken pre, during and post filtration to ensure set parameters are met prior to finalising each section of disinfected main.

Removes biofilm

Aqueous ozone creates a double action approach removing the biofilm and leaving the pipe completely sanitised due to the powerful oxidising effects of ozone.

No water loss

Up to 98% saving on water consumption through ozonation from traditional methods.

Kills bacteria

Ozone’s capability of ozone’s ability to kill pathogens in drinking water such as E. coli and Salmonella within 30 seconds is extremely beneficial to mains cleaning.

Extend the time between cleaning

The frequency of mains cleaning is reduced significantly reducing costs and water use dramatically over an extended time period due to the use of ozone in sanitisation not just velocity.
How Ozric works

Today our combined services consist of:


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