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Cylinder scale base with Wizard 4000

Scale designed specifically to weigh chlorine gas

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    Cylinder scale base with Wizard 4000

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    The chlor cylinder scale 150 is specifically designed to weigh chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide and ammonia cylinders. It is used in small treatment plants, well heads, booster stations and various industrial plants.

    A low overall height of only 1-5/8 inches (4 cm) allows cylinders to be easily rolled on and off without lifting and the wall mounted chaining bracket provides the safest possible installation by securing the cylinder to the building structure itself.

    The chlor cylinder scale 150 has a 100% PVC platform coated with an exclusive 80 mil thick Tuf-Coat Environmental Armor and uses corrosion resistant fasteners and fittings.
    This makes the chlor scale survive for years and years without any damage from corrosion, UV light, impact or abrasion. The incredibly simple “pivoted platform” design has no moving parts either. This means that there are no flexures, levers or mechanical links that are susceptible to corrosion, bending or breaking

    Supplied with wall-mount chaining bracket and Wizard 4000 advanced digital weight indicator.

    The Wizard 4000™ has up to four separate channels and can therefore be used to simultaneously monitor levels in up to four separate tanks. This provides the ability to monitor each tank independently, as well as get the combined totals for all the tanks. The “Daily Usage” data and logging function allows for easy record keeping. The “Days Until Empty” function makes it simple to anticipate tank refilling and chemical reorder points.

    A “Feed Rate” function allows the operator to monitor chemical feed rates, which can be alarmed or transmitted via a 4-20 mA signal. This important feature allows early warning of dangerously low or high feed rate conditions and therefore prevents hazardous under or overdosing of chemicals to the process.

  • Features
    • Vessel type: vertical compressed gas cylinders
    • Capacity of up to 100kg net per cylinder
  • Applications
    • Chlorine
    • Sulfur dioxide
    • Ammonia
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Hydrochloric acid
  • DescriptionPart no.
    Single cylinder, one scale base c/w Wizard 4000 indicator, 1 channel, chaining bracket and tool rackWR100K-1
    Dual cylinder, two scale bases c/w Wizard 4000 indicator, 2 channel, chaining bracket and tool rackWR100K-2
    Triple cylinder, three scale bases c/w Wizard 4000 indicator, 3 channel, chaining bracket and tool rackWR100K-3
    Quadruple cylinder, four scale bases c/w Wizard 4000 indicator, 4 channel, chaining bracket and tool rackWR100K-4