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Hydrogen peroxide monitor

ATI’s hydrogen peroxide monitor is the simple solution to peroxide control

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Hydrogen peroxide monitor

  • Brand
  • Description

    Using a direct peroxide sensor, the hydrogen peroxide monitor responds rapidly to changes in concentration, enabling operators to control chemical feed to maintain specific targets. Digital and analog communications available.

  • Features
    • Analog output options
    • Programmable range options from 0-2 PPM to 0-200 PPM provide maximum application flexibility
    • PID output
    • Digital communications
    • Programmable relay functions for alarm, control or trouble indication
    • NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure
    • Back-lit LCD display
    • AC or DC power options
  • Applications
    • Cooling water
    • Aquariums
    • Food and beverage
    • Portable water treatment
    • Odour control
  • DescriptionPart no.
    Hydrogen peroxide monitorQ4684