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Injector 2 inch

Adjustable throat cast iron injector for chemical injection

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Injector 2 inch

  • Brand
  • Description

    The Evoqua (Wallace and Tiernan)  chlorine injector 2 inch is PVC with an adjustable throat. A bronze body injector is available for higher pressures with a bellofram (water pressure) operated adjustable throat for start-stop operation.

    Chlorination systems injectors create a powerful operating vacuum, therefore saving water and booster-pump horsepower.

  • Features

    Plastic body arrangement

    • Manual shut off
    • Operating pressure 8.6 Bar @ 21C


    Bronze body arrangement

    • With bellofram for positive shut-off
    • Operating pressure >8.6 Bar @ 20C
    • Manual or automatic
  • Service description

    Major and minor – mandatory yearly major service and recommended 6 monthly minor service

  • Spare parts
  • DescriptionPart no.
    3/4" PVC body, no throat and trail, greyAAA4310
    3/4" PVC body, anti-syphonAAA4307
    1" PVC body, no throat and tail, greyAAA4316D
    1" PVC body, anti-syphonAAA4307
    2" PVC body, small throatU25764
    2" PVC body, large throatU25765
    2" bronze body, small throatU25762
    2" bronze body, large throatU25763