The safety of TRILITY’s stakeholders is at the core of our business and our commitment to people


The safety of TRILITY’s stakeholders is at the core of our business and our commitment to people. It follows that we strictly enforce compliance with health and safety protocols at each of our operating and administrative facilities.

TRILITY takes the view that all incidents which impact on the health and
well-being of our stakeholders are preventable. This requires each employee to take a leadership role in promoting workplace safety across each business unit. This is readily apparent to anyone who visits a TRILITY facility. It is also monitored closely using tools such as our OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801  accredited Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

Safety at work

Case study

Many of the treatment plants TRILITY operates for its clients are situated in rural locations. As such, driving long distances on remote country roads, often at night, was recognised as one of the more dangerous activities our people undertake. Some of the associated hazards identified included high speeds, fatigue, other vehicles, brushes with wildlife and complacency.

In order to address these hazards, TRILITY implemented a variety of strategies including:

  • Implementation of remote plant monitoring capability to reduce the need for travelling to/between plants
  • Provision of defensive driver training to all plant based employees
  • Regular safety messages highlighting the hazards and risks associated with driving and how they can be reduced
  • Development of a policy and procedure for communication protocols when working remotely and/or alone
  • Purchase of fleet vehicles with a minimum five star ANCAP rating
  • Fitting fleet vehicles with driving lights and ‘bull bars’
  • Installation of GPS monitoring devices in all fleet vehicles to provide real time alerts and location information in the event of a serious incident

Reducing the risk associated with driving will remain an ongoing challenge for TRILITY. However, these strategies demonstrate our commitment to making the workplace safer.

Latest news

Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BEWG”), are pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of the TRILITY Group.

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