Water quality plans

  • Assuring water safety and quality

    The development and implementation of water quality management plan is regarded as an essential component of assuring water safety and quality.

    The water quality management plan follows a risk management approach and is a documented, risk-based system for managing the supply of drinking water. It is also intended to be a living document that reflects the requirements of the water suppliers (ie. water utilities and councils) and be actioned through day-to-day activities now and in the future. Suppliers must prepare and implement management plans.

    A thorough review of the management plan is required to ensure they accurate and up to date, appropriate to managing risks to the supply and functioning and working well. In addition, supplier must prepare an annual report on the quality of drinking water as specified by the state’s regulations. Our dedicated experienced team member can assist in the development and review of:

    • Drinking water quality management plan (DWQMP)
    • Water safety plan (WSP)
    • Recycled water management plan (RWQMP)
    • Annual report for Regulator