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Chemical injection quill

Chemical injection quills by Koflo

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    Chemical injection quill

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    A chemical injection quill ensures that chemicals are evenly dispersed in the center of the pipeline.  This will prevent channelling of the chemical down the pipe wall.

    The Koflo chemical injection quill contains an integral ball check valve which is constructed of ceramic material. Standard units have a 3-1/4″ quill length which can be shortened for smaller diameter pipes.  Longer quill lengths are available for larger diameter pipelines.  To ensure the proper positioning of the 45° bevel in the pipeline, each quill comes with permanently etched flow arrows.

    KOFLO chemical injection quills are used to introduce medium to highly corrosive chemicals into a pipeline, without damage to the side port or pipe wall at the point of injection.

    Certified to NSF/ANSI-61

  • SizeLength (A) mmStinger length (B) mmBody materialSpring materialPressure max (PSIG)Part no.
    1/2"139.776.19PVC Hastelloy C 150QP53
    1/2"190.5127PVC Hastelloy C 150QP55
    1/2"139.776.19Kynar Hastelloy C 150QK53
    1/2"190.5127Kynar Hastelloy C 150QK55
    1/2"139.776.19316SS 316SS3000QS53
    1/2"190.5127316SS 316SS 3000QS55
    1/2"139.776.19Hastelloy C Hastelloy C 3000QH53
    1/2"190.5127Hastelloy C Hastelloy C 3000QH55