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Chlorine dioxide monitor

Chlorine dioxide monitoring with direct membrane sensing
Q46H65 chlorine dioxide monitor

Product specifications

Product title: Chlorine dioxide monitor
Brand: ATI

ATI’s chlorine dioxide monitor is an economical, accurate and reliable measurement system for monitoring and controlling chlorine dioxide treatment systems. Options include direct membrane sensing and digital communications.

These chlorine dioxide monitors use a polarographic membraned sensor to accurately measure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in water. The sensor operates much like a battery, generating current that is linearly proportional to the concentration of chlorine dioxide in solution. A ClO2 permeable membrane isolates the sensor from the measured sample and insures that the measurement is interference free.

Two versions of the sensor are available, a sensor intended for installation in a flowcell and a sensor intended for submersion applications. Requiring minimal maintenance, sensors are easy to use and easy to maintain. An integral RTD provides temperature compensation and allows temperature to be displayed and transmitted from the monitor.

  • pH input option
  • Programmable range options from 0-200 PPB up to 0-200 PPM
  • Digital communications
  • Relay contact
  • NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • AC or DC power options
  • Analog output options
  • PID output
  • Food washing
  • Pulp and paper mill
  • Cooling water
  • Potable water treatment