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Chlorine evaporator

Chlorine evaporator for high capacity chlorination installations
Evaporator2050 200 w1200

Product specifications

Product title: Chlorine evaporator
Brand: Evoqua

The Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) chlorine evaporator is an electrically heated, immersed tank type heat exchanger. It is specifically designed for use with chlorine, sulphur dioxide or ammonia to change the state from liquid to gas. It is used where the rate of unaided gas withdrawal from multiple containers is not adequate to meet system requirements.

  • Maximum capacities of 2720 and 4536 kg per day of chlorine
  • Instrument panel with gas pressure, water level and temperature
  • Complete factory pre-wiring of all electrical components
  • Standard safety features include pressure relief systems on gas lines and liquid lines
  • AS1210 and ASME rated pressure cylinders available
  • Reliable automatic operation

Ideal for high capacity installations such as

  • disinfection in large municipal or industrial water plants
  • chlorination of municipal sewage
  • disinfection of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • bleaching and waste treatment in pulp and paper mills
  • aluminium fluxing (removal of magnesium)
  • treatment of cooling water in power plants