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Flow meter

Variable area flow meters with high accuracy and operational reliability

Product specifications

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    Flow meter

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    The Stubbe variable area flow meter offers high measurement accuracy and operational reliability.  It visually displays the measurement value of the flow in pipe systems.

    Stubbe variable area flow meters are suitable for water, air or liquid and offer class 4 measuring accuracy according to VDI/VDE 3513

    The tried and tested design is used in many applications from water treatment to heavy chemical industry.

    Improved stabilisation of the float makes reading easier

    The range is available in up to three different tube lengths and DN per measuring range with flow ranges from 3 to 50,000 l/h.

    Flow meters with a magnetic float can be retrofitted with a limit switch which signals when the magnetic float in the measuring tube has reached or exceeded the signal transmitter position.


  • Features
    • Practical graduated measuring ranges according to DIN, from 3 l/h to 50,000 l/h DN10 to DN65 graduated tubes
    • Materials of construction include PVC, PA, PSU and PVDF
    • PVDF float with optional magnet
    • Union socket connections for solvent welding with BSP threaded connectors available on request
    • Process automation using limit signal transmitters and measured value remote transmission


    Limit switch:

    • Accessory for the flow meter, type DFM with a magnetic float
    • Simple assembly and positioning on the dovetail of the DFM measuring tube
    • Plug of the compact reed switch can be positioned in 0° – 90° – 180° steps
    • Easy to retrofit in existing systems
  • Applications
    • For all industrial uses
    • Water treatment
    • Chemical industry



    PVC-U body, PVDF float and EDPM o rings with optional magnet.

  • DNMeasuring range l/hDFM no. tube lengthPart no. without magnetPart no. with magnet
    20mm 100-1,000185H47511 H47694
    25mm25-250200H47512 H47695
    25mm 40-400200H47513 H47696
    25mm 100-1,000200H47514 H47697
    25mm 150-1,500 200H47515 H47698
    25mm 100-1,000335H46273 H47577
    40mm 200-2,000335H46282 H47586
    40mm 300-3,000335H46283 H47587
    50mm600-6,000335H46287 H47591
    50mm 1,000-10,000335H46288H47592
    65mm 2,500-25,0005 335H46293 H47597
    65mm 10,000-50,000335H127891 H127893
    25mm 60-600350H46276 H47580
    25mm 100-1,000 350H46277 H47581
    32mm 150-1,500350H46279 H47583
    32mm 200-2,500350H46280 H47584
    40mm 200-2,000350H46284H47588
    40mm 300-3,000350H46285H47589
    50mm400-4,000350H46289 H47593
    50mm 600-6,000350H46290 H47594
    50mm 1,000-10,000350H46291 H47595
    65mm 1,500-15,000350H46295 H47599
    65mm 2,500-25,000350H46296 H47600
    65mm 10,000-50,000 350H127865 H127867
  • DescriptionPart no.
    Limit switch, ZE951, normally openH48119
    Limit switch, ZE951, normally closedH113131