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Gas leak detection equipment tester

Provides chlorine gas detector testing to meet the requirements of AS2927

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    Gas leak detection equipment tester

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    The A24 puffer from ATI tests gas leak detection equipment. It is portable and battery-operated, containing a gas generator and simple hand pump. The hand pump provides a puff of air containing a small amount of the target gas to test gas leak detection equipment.

    Puffers are water resistant for use in any environment and are designed to intrinsic safety standards. Generator cells provide hundreds of tests, with an LED to indicate the remaining life of the generator cell.
    AS2927: 2001 The storage & handling of liquefied chlorine gas

    4.8.1 Leak detectors Frequency of testing
    The leak detector and alarm system shall be checked weekly by holding a weak source of chlorine near the air sample inlet, to ensure that the detector is operating*

    * Hydramet Pty Ltd – Reproduced under copyright Licence number 1812-c099-2

  • Features
    • Available for chlorine gas and ammonia
    • Battery operated
    • Replaceable generators
    • Generator life indicator
    • Water resistant
    • Aids compliance to the leak detector testing requirements of AS2927
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