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MFC analyser

MFC analyser by Evoqua Water Technologies, specifically designed for adding the exact dose of disinfectant to drinking, process and wastewater.
mfc w1200

Product specifications

Product title: MFC analyser
Brand: Evoqua

The MFC water quality analyser analyses multiple water quality parameters thus providing a complete picture in a single device.

The Wallace and Tiernan MFC  is the most accurate, reliable and versatile instrument for analysis and control of disinfection processes.  In addition, the MFC analyser uses intelligent and disinfection-specific control schemes to ensure the optimum use of chemicals.

Up to four water quality parameters can be measured. These include free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, conductivity, redox, pH and temperature.  A variety of flow cells are available, including the proven Depolox 5, bare electrode measuring cell for free chlorine, potassium permanganate, chlorine dioxide and ozone. This flexibility provides an almost limitless combination of continuous measurement technologies for the same sample or different samples from the entire treatment process.

This water quality analyser is ideal for drinking water, process water and wastewater applications.

  • Accurate measurement and high reproducibility
  • Fast response time to meet fluctuating disinfection demands
  • Rugged design and minimal maintenance due to hydrodynamic cell cleaning
  • Economical, reagentless operation
  • Proven operation in thousands of installations around the world
  • Intuitive programming for user friendly operation
  • Measurement and control tasks in potable water treatment plants
  • Process water monitoring
  • Cooling water monitoring