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Oil water separator – small

Oil / water separators for the efficient removal of “free” oils and greases plus suspended solids from a wastewater stream

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    Oil water separator – small

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    The enhanced gravity oil water separator is extremely efficient for the removal of “free” oils and greases. It also removes suspended solids from a wastewater stream.

    They are simple, yet efficient tools which separate and capture oil and other contaminants from wastewater. They can also meet a range of effluent discharge qualities as required.

    An increase in environmental awareness has lead to the use of these separators in a variety of contexts, for example: industrial uses in mines, petrol stations and treatment plants.

    Our oil water separator packages are scalable treatment systems that can also be designed for large water flow rates


  • Applications
    • Automotive workshops
    • Wash bays
    • Service stations
    • Oil and gas stormwater treatment
    • Power station
    • Petroleum depots