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Pneumatic automatic chlorine shut-off device

Automatic shut-off device for chlorine cylinders and drums in the event of a leak
Hydra Sentinel 2016

Product specifications

Product title: Pneumatic automatic chlorine shut-off device
Brand: Hydramet

The Hydra-Sentinel is an automatic chlorine shut-off device for chlorine cylinders and drums in water and wastewater treatment plants. It meets the performance requirements and recommendations of AS 2927:2019 for the storage and handling of liquefied chlorine gas.

The shutdown system is designed as an additional line of defence to an approved safety plan. It automatically shuts the primary isolation valves on the containers if a significant gaseous chlorine leak is detected. The system may be supplied with an integral chlorine leak detector if required. According to Australian Standard AS 2927:2019; the chlorine installation requirements at public swimming pools shall include an automatic shut-off device.

The control unit includes integral power supply and battery backup. An air regulator provides air at 600 kPa to a maximum of 8 actuator arm assemblies. Each arm is clamped directly to a chlorine container valve.

The chlorine shut-off device protects plant and equipment from accelerated corrosion caused by chlorine gas escape while the installation is unmanned. It also supplements and enhances the protection of operating personnel against exposure to chlorine gas (and/or other toxic gases).

  • The control panel includes (7) light indicators for:
    Power on
    Power loss
    Low air pressure
    Low battery voltage
    Leak detected
    Remote shutdown activated
  • Flashing warning light indicating the power switch is in the off position
  • Battery back-up included with each system
  • Remote pneumatic panel with built in air pressure gauge
  • Unique purpose built yoke mounted actuator arm, designed to connect directly to the yoke of an Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) vacuum regulator without the need for additional adaptors
  • Inhibit function for use when changing containers