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Pressure relief valve DHV712R

Pressure relief valve DHV-712R
Stubbe20DHV71620Pressure20Relief20Valve w1200

Product specifications

Product title: Pressure relief valve DHV712R
Brand: Stubbe

The Stubbe DHV 712-R pressure relief valve is specifically designed for dosing technology. The valve is used for pressure relief, overflow or bypass, but is also sensitive/accurate enough to be used as an upstream pressure sustaining valve or back pressure regulator. Rated to 10 bar.

The valve is used in technical processing plants for keeping preset working pressure constant on the primary side. In addition, it has high reproducibility of the set pressure. Pressure setting is possible at any time, including during operation.

 The valve also performs well in vibrating environments, even behind oscillating dosing pumps. It has a high level of operating safety and long service life with constant, low vibration control.

The internal piston also performs as a non-return valve

  • Set range 0.3 up to 10 bar
  • EPDM diaphragm with PTFE coating
  • Most powerful thermoplastic pressure relief valve with patented piston control
  • Constant working pressures even in systems with counterpressure
  • Constant, low vibration control behaviour
  • Simple pressure setting possible at any time, also during operation
  • 100% back pressure free in the position of rest
  • Chemical plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Water treatment