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Residual chlorine monitor

Chlorine analyser with digital communications features

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Residual chlorine monitor

  • Brand
  • Description

    This residual chlorine monitor monitors and controls chlorination systems.  It features power supply options and extra flexibility with up to six relays and 3 x 4-20mA outputs. The unit is available with an optional pH input and digital communication.

  • Features
    • Easy to install
    • Free or combined chlorine
    • Automatic pH compensation
    • PID control function for quick and easy configuration
    • Flexible range capability: 0-2, 0-20 or 0-200 PPM
    • Low level application 0-200 PPB
    • Flow rate: 0.5-1 l/min
    • AC or DC power options
    • Dual chlorine/pH monitoring
    • Three analog output options
    • Relay outputs
    • Digital output options available
  • Applications
    • Drinking water
    • Wastewater effluent
    • Cooling water systems
  • Service description

    Major & minor – Yearly Major Service, Quaterly Minor Service

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