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Reverse osmosis skid

Compact, pre assembled reverse osmosis system for easy onsite installation

Product specifications

  • Product title

    Reverse osmosis skid

  • Brand
  • Description

    Reverse osmosis is a proven technology for the production of desalinated water.  Reverse osmosis membranes have the smallest pore size and work by using the reversal of osmotic pressure. Saline or impure water is forced through a semipermeable membrane which catches salts and impurities.

  • Features
    • Pre assembled and factory tested off site
    • Easy installation
    • PLC based control system
    • Emergency stop
    • Pre filter, post filter, pump discharge, primary and final pressure gauges
    • Permeate and concentrate flow meters
    • Digital pH meter
  • Applications
    • Drinking water
    • Dairy
    • Wine and beverage
    • Effluent and wastewater recycling
    • Car washes
    • Product dilution or mixing
    • Spot-free product rinses
    • Restaurant and grocery
    • Boiler feedwater
    • Process ingredient water
  • Recovery rangePermeate range (m3/h)No. of membranesPart no.
    50 - 75%39H1232267
    50 - 75%515H1232268
    50 - 75%724H1232269
    66 - 75%98H1232259
    66 - 75%1412H1232260
    66 - 75%2320H1232261