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S10K chlorinator

S10K chlorinator for chlorine gas and all other water treatment gases. Complete with 10kg/hr rotameter

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    S10K chlorinator

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    The S10K chlorinator is an all-vacuum operated, sonically regulated chlorinator manufactured by Wallace and Tiernan
    The option of direct cylinder mounting puts the vacuum regulator right at the source, reducing gas pressure to a vacuum immediately.

    The S10K chlorinator designed by Wallace and Tiernan provides for economic low-capacity chlorine gas feed applications for municipal, industrial water, wastewater treatment and disinfection of swimming pools.

    The chlorinator’s ability to handle all water treatment gases as well as its flexible mounting configurations for cylinders manifolds or ton containers provide versatility for all installations.

    Two basic chlorinator arrangements are available in capacities of 4 kg/h and 10 kg/h of chlorine gas.

    With fewer internal parts, the S10k chlorinator from Wallace and Tiernan provides reliable, dependable chlorine gas treatment for disinfection, water treatment and as a pool chlorinator

  • Features
    • Positive indication of operating status
    • Positive shutoff
    • Unique secondary sheck
    • Captive universal yoke mounting
    • Handles all water treatment gases (chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide & ammonia)
    • Detachable rotameter – 5″ capacities 10kg/hr of chlorine
    • Built-in automatic switchover eliminates the need for external switching devices
    • The S10K chlorinator is simple in design, compact and easy to handle
  • Applications
    • Municipal water treatment
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Industrial process water treatment
    • Swimming pool disinfection
  • Service description

    Major and minor – yearly major service and 6 monthly minor service recommended

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