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Smart digital dosing pump – DDA FCM

Smart digital dosing pump with flow control measurement 7.5l/h at 16 bar 1 pH 18W stepper Motor PVDF/PTFE/FEP/Ceramic

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    Smart digital dosing pump – DDA FCM

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    The Grundfos DDA (Digital Dosing Advanced) FCM pumps monitor and control the dosing output, self diagnose and self-correct (when possible) faults. DDA FCM can eliminate the need for a pressure gauge, flow meter and relief valve in a dosing system.

    These pumps are self- calibrating and regulate flow according to pressure changes.

    The sensor-based FlowControl (FC) system detects malfunctions directly in the dosing head and displays them in plain text in the alarm menu, e.g. air bubbles, line burst, overpressure. The integrated flow measurement function measures the actual flow and makes additional monitoring and control equipment redundant (accuracy of ? 1,5 % of set value in case of trouble-free process). The measured flow is displayed and can be integrated in the process control, e.g. SCADA. Furthermore, the AutoFlowAdapt function automatically adjusts the pump speed according to the process conditions to maintain target flow even at e.g. varying backpressure or air bubbles foaming (degassing drive strategy).

  • Features
    • Auto flow adapt, fault diagnosis, auto degassing
    • Degassing even in standby mode
    • 1000:1 (3000:1 for 7.5-16) turndown ratio
    • Stepper motor drive for smooth and continuous flow
    • 2 relay outputs + 4-20mA output flow signal
    • Easy output adjustment in l/h
    • Icon menu guide
    • 100-240V 50-60Hz
    • Single phase 17W motor IP65
    • Flow, total & pressure measurement display
    • Controls include: manual, pulse, analogue, batch, cycle timer, 7 day timer, GeniBus and remote on/off
    • Dual chemical tank level inputs
    • Click mounting plate for easy attachment
    • Large illuminated coloured LCD with 270 degree rotation
    • Click wheel menu select and adjustment
    • Flow, fault menu event log
  • Applications
    • Drinking water treatment
    • Cooling water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Washing systems
    • Process water treatment
    • Chemical industry
  • Service description

    Major- 12 months subject to operating conditions

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