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Smart digital dosing pump – DDE

The DDE digital dosing pumps offer a solution for low budgets

Product specifications

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    Smart digital dosing pump – DDE

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  • Description

    The DDE digital dosing pump offers a solution for low budgets.

    The smart digital DDE dosing pump from Grundfos has a variable speed drive ( Stepper motor) and intelligent electronics with minimum energy consumption.

    The DDE is the cost-effective entry-level model with a maximum turn-down ratio of 1:1000 and smooth, continuous dosing. This one model can replace a whole host of existing models with dosing rates ranging from 0.006 to 6 l/h. The rate is set using a logarithmic scale that runs from 0.1-100 %. The model’s straightforward pulse control, external stop function and empty level signal are ideal for basic OEM applications.


    B version

    • Controls: Manual only


    PR version

    • Controls include manual and pulse with remote on/off
  • Features
    • 1000:1 turndown ratio
    • 0.1 – 100% control adjustment knob
    • 100-240V 50/60 Hz
    • Single phase 17W motor IP65
    • Controls: manual only
    • Click mounting plate for easy attachment
    • Flow and pressure from 0.006 to 15l/h and up to 10 bar
  • Applications
    • Drinking water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Pulp and paper industry
    • Textile industry
    • Cleaning water treatment
    • Food and beverage industry, dairies
    • Cooling tower water treatment
    • Low-pressure boiler feed water treatment
  • Service description

    Major – 12 months subject to operating conditions

  • Spare parts
  • Description Part no. B BasicPart no. PR Basic with relay output
    Max. flow: 6l/h, max. pressure: 10 bar
    DDE 6-10 PVC dosing head, PTFE gaskets, ceramic ball valveH97721204H98147413
    Max. flow: 15l/h, max. pressure: 4 bar
    DDE 15-4 PVDF dosing head, PTFE gaskets, ceramic ball valveH97721272H98147447