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Solo XT digital weight indicator

Merging hydraulic weight sensing with digital indication

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    Solo XT digital weight indicator

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    The Force Flow SOLO XT uses exclusive Cross Technology to merge hydraulic weight sensing with digital indication.

    The SOLO XT chlorine cylinder scales has a battery powered display and uses a hydraulic load cell for weight sensing so no AC power is required. Two standard C cell batteries power the indicator for up to 4,000 hours of continuous display time.

    In order to extend battery life even further, the LCD display can be activated by an ON/OFF button located on the face of the indicator. The display automatically powers down after a set period or can be instantly shut off by pressing the button a second time. In this mode, the batteries will last up to three years. On the 4-20mA model the display remains on continuously, powered by the 12 to 36 volt DC loop with the batteries being used when loop power is unavailable.

  • Features
    • Simple, quick and economical installation
    • No AC power needed – battery operated
    • Single and multiple cylinder scales
    • Corrosion resistant PVC platform
    • Wall mounted chaining bracket/tool rack
    • Large digital display
    • Net capacity 100kg
    • Better than 1% accuracy
    • Keypad control provides access to 5 functions: zero indicator, set bar graph and 4-20mA capacity, set display auto-off time, set alarm relay values, set decimal point
    • Optional 4-20mA output for remote monitoring with battery back-up
    • Optional level alarm output relays
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