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Static mixer – Schedule 80

Schedule 80 static mixer, 3/4″ diameter x 8″ long with 6 elements

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    Static mixer – Schedule 80

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    Koflo produces a complete line of industrial grade schedule 80 PVC static mixers in sizes ranging from 1/2″-20″.

    Threaded static mixer from 1/2″-2″, with both 6 and 12 mixing elements
    Flanged static mixers are custom designed for each application
    Size permitting, all Koflo PVC static mixers are both hot air welded and solvent cemented into the housing. This method provides a high strength bond and also edge seals the elements to prevent liquid from “slip streaming” around the element.

  • Applications
    • Polymer blending
    • Water treatment
    • Chemical blending
    • pH control
    • Liquid/gas blending