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Product specifications

Product title: Static mixer – Schedule 80
Brand: Koflo

Static mixers are motionless mixing devices. They continuously blend fluids inline, within a pipeline.  Static mixers have no moving parts, and use the energy of the flow stream to generate consistent, cost-effective, and reliable mixing. This schedule 80 PVC static mixer is solvent-cemented into the PVC housing to create a high strength bond and edge-seal the static mixer to the wall to prevent liquid for slip streaming around the mixing elements.

  • PVC construction provides a durable and cost-effective mixing option
  • A high-strength PVC solvent cement seals the edges of the mixer, ensures efficient mixing
  • Third party certified to NSF / ANSI 61

The patented Koflo Blade style element provides Koflo’s best-in-class efficient mixing ability for turbulent flow applications combined with minimal pressure (head) loss. Koflo’s Blade elements are available in multiple configurations for specialized, demanding applications

Static mixers are versatile mixing devices and can therefore be used in a wide range of industries and applications. For more information on other static mixers:
  • Housing: Schedule 80 PVC
  • Elements: Koflo Blade Style PVC
  • End Connections: Male NPT (Threaded Ends)
  • Polymer blending
  • Chlorination and ozonation
  • Admixing of water treatment chemicals
  • Chemical blending
  • pH control
  • Liquid/gas blending
  • Process control sampling