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Toroidal conductivity meter

Toroidal conductivity monitor with non-contacting sensors requiring virtually no maintenance

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    Toroidal conductivity meter

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    ATI’s Model Q46CT toroidal conductivity meter is designed for online monitoring of chemically aggressive process solutions. This sensor consists of two metallic ribbon coils that are fixed in place by the sensor jacket material. The drive coil establishes a strong magnetic field around the sensor body which induces a current in the process solution. The sensing coil is used to measure the induced current in the process solution. The magnitude of this current is proportional to the conductivity of the process solution.

    The ATI Q46CT toroidal conductivity meter employs an inductive sensor that allows measurement in corrosive samples with virtually no maintenance. Particularly suitable for high conductivity applications.

    Toroidal conductivity monitoring systems contain a variety of features and options to meet virtually any conductivity monitoring and control application. While not suitable for low level conductivity measurement, toroidal monitors are an excellent choice for high conductivity applications. The Q46CT is also available as a concentration monitor

    ATI’s Q46 platform represents the latest generation of monitoring and control systems. Control features have been expanded to include an optional 3rd analog output or an additional bank of low power relays. Digital communication options now include Profibus-DP, Modbus-RTU, or Ethernet-IP variations.

  • Features
    • Concentration version for direct display of chemical concentrations
    • PID output
    • Optional third analog output
    • Wide range capability
    • Digital communications
    • Assignable relay functions
    • AC or DC power options
    • NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure
    • Analog output options
    • Back-lit LED display
  • Applications
    • Pharmaceutical applications
    • Fume scrubbers
    • Boiler blowdown
    • Cooling towers
    • Chemical feed
    • Food and beverage
    • Metal plating/rinsing
    • Bioremediation
    • Clean-in-place
    • Potable water
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Pulp and paper
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Refining
    • High conductivity processes
    • High solids content processes
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    Toroidal conductivity meterQ46CT